TB form Alpha casting plaster

TB form

Alpha casting plaster

Alfa gypsum for detailed reproductions

Very fine grain and white alpha hemihydrate obtained from a selected stone treated with a special process of baking.
With high fineness characteristics, surface hardness, compression resistance and excellent castability it is characterized by the high detail reproduction used for the realization of works with particular hardness and precision.

  • Water / powder ratio 100 / 370
  • cone fluidity Vicat 260 mm
  • Slurry density g / dm3 2005
  • setting time beginning 15 min.
  • setting time end 30 min.
  • Linear setting expansion 0,10%
  • Flexural strength (Mpa) 12 N/sqmm
  • Compression strength (Mpa) 55 N/sqmm
  • Hardness Shore D 91
  • particle size < 200 µm

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