TB alfa Alpha casting plaster

TB alfa

Alpha casting plaster

Particularly hard and strong 100% alfa based gypsum

Alpha-hemihydrate calcium sulphate produced by a special process of baking of selected gypsum stone. Because of its whiteness, hardness, strength and low expansion characteristics, it is commonly used as the basis for the production of special gypsum in the field of artistic ceramics, ceramic sanitary, dental technology and for all applications where high strength and hardness values are required.

  • Water / powder ratio 100 / 250
  • cone fluidity Vicat 180 mm
  • Slurry density g / dm3 1850
  • setting time beginning 4 min.
  • setting time end 6 min.
  • Linear setting expansion 0,10%
  • Flexural strength (Mpa) 35 N/sqmm
  • Compression strength (Mpa) 70 N/sqmm
  • Hardness Shore D 80
  • particle size < 200 µm

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