TB 12 Beta casting plaster

TB 12

Beta casting plaster

100% beta base gypsum for ceramic industry and art

Very fine grain gypsum obtained from the baking and grinding of a pure stone. Because of its refinement, hardness and whiteness, it is used in the art sector and ceramic industry, sanitary ceramics, decorative stuccos, frames, rosettes and as a basic product for the manufacture of adhesives, stuccoes and lacquers.

  • Water / powder ratio 100 / 140
  • cone fluidity Vicat 220 mm
  • Slurry density g / dm3 1585
  • setting time beginning 16 min.
  • setting time end 30 min.
  • Linear setting expansion 0,20%
  • Flexural strength (Mpa) 5,5 N/sqmm
  • Compression strength (Mpa) 13 N/sqmm
  • Hardness Shore D 35
  • particle size < 200 µm

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