SCAGLIOLA GYPSUM slow-setting plaster

Retarded calcium sulphate hemihydrate pre-mixed plaster, produced from naturally occurring gypsum mineral, icorporating special additives. Used for plastering applications and filling compounds. SLOW SETTING SCAGLIOLA GYPSUM can be used as a base plaster, with minimum thickness of 5 mm, applied to several hands directly on the brick. The plaster can be smoothened by loading other product with an plastering spatula, after about 90 minutes. Used like a finish, laying the product with the spatula with a thickness of more than 3 mm on the surface previously wet.

  • Water / powder ratio 100 / 140
  • Setting time 60 - 90 min.
  • Theoretical yield 1 kg/sqm circa for 1 mm thickness
  • Minimum thickness for application 2 mm
  • Maximum thickness for application 5 mm
  • Number of applications allowed 3
  • Fire reaction class A1
  • Moisture-free paper bag kg 25

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