Gold, Fast putty for drywall


Fast putty for drywall, quality Q1 and Q2

The putty for joints GOLD is a filler obtained from a selected mixture of white gypsum, aggregates and chemical additives that give to the mixture a light, plastic appearance, easy to use and with very low shrinkage.

It is specifically designed to be used as joint filler between plasterboard sheets, for grouting of fixing screw heads, for repairing small damaged parts. It can also be used for the smoothing of plasterboard sheets and for any other surfaces in gypsum base.

  • Residue <1% at 100 µ
  • Water / powder ratio 100/170
  • Setting time (Vicat) 70 - 90 min
  • Surface quality Q1 - Q2
  • Compressive strength N/mm2 9
  • Flexure strength N/mm2 4
  • Fire reaction Class A.1

technical sheets

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