adhesive for plating of pre-coupled plates
Coll glue is made by a mix of hemi-hydrate calcium sulphate, resins, and additives that rule the setting time. Coll was specially designed to glue both simple plaster boards and pre-matched insulated plaster boards, on every kind of fixed walls (such as plastered and non-plastered bricks, concrete sheets, cellular cement etc.) provided that the walls are dry. It is also suitable to glue during the laying of every kind of plaster manufactures such as false-ceilings, stuccos, roses, frames, and so on.

  • Water / powder ratio 100/180
  • Setting time (Vicat) 460 - 500 min
  • Consumption 2,8 kg/sqm
  • Moisture-free paper bag kg 25

technical sheets

security sheets

declarations of performance

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